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Your massages and facials are on hiatus during COVID-19. So are your nail appointments. So what to do? Improvise! Create your routine beauty treatments in the comfort of home. The results may not wind up as perfect as if you’d visited the spa or salon (we see you reaching for that box of hair colour…), but we could all use a dose of relaxation and wellness. Here’s how to make an at-home spa manicure and pedicure a special experience.

1. Set up a designated area for your at-home spa manicure/pedicure. Bathroom, living room, bedroom, even the kitchen; just pick your favourite place in the house and get comfy.

2. Plan a virtual spa party with your friends and family—enjoy a mani/pedi together just like at the salon.

3. Or, get the little ones involved. Share the spa experience together. It’s a win-win: entertain the kids and teach them about wellness at an early age.

4. Make yourself a mimosa, pour yourself a glass of wine or pop open the champagne to enhance your at-home pampering experience.

5. Invest in a nail kit or have the following nail tools on hand:

– Manicure: hand cream; clippers; file, buffer; polish remover; and polish (of course). Topcoat polish is optional, but we recommend it to help your manicure last.
– Pedicure: tub or basin to soak feet (Epson salt is a bonus); file; scrub; cuticle pusher; clippers; polish.

6. Brush up on manicure and pedicure tutorials so you’re better versed on the how-tos. We like these videos:

7. Brighten up your nails with a pop of colour. Or, include some fun nail art or stickers (the little ones will love it!). Goodness knows we could all use a little cheer right now.

8. Make the time count while you wait for your nails to dry. Chat with your family and friends to see how everyone’s coping, or take some deep breaths or meditate for 10 minutes.

Voila! Beautiful nails and a more relaxed state of mind.