Often when we think about medical spas, treatments like surgical facelifts and body contouring come to mind. However, medi spas or med spas, as they are also called, are also your place to go for non-invasive (no surgery) beauty treatments like permanent makeup, botox, micro-needling, microdermabrasion and more. Plus, many medical spas offer spa and wellness services like massage and facials as well, to complete your experience and offer a relaxation element.

Here’s are five of our favourite medical spa treatments.


The beauty gurus at Spafinder explain that micro-needling is a treatment that tightens, lifts and rejuvenates the skin by encouraging the production of collagen. The medical spa clinician uses a Dermapen® to puncture your skin lightly. Hyaluronic acid serum may also be placed on the skin to enhance the treatment. There is some pain, and your clinician will apply a numbing cream for 20-30 minutes before your procedure.

Good to know: You may experience some redness after micro-needling, and you should avoid the sun. Your dermatologist will help you decide how often you need this treatment. It depends on your age but every three or four months is usually recommended.


CoolContouring or CoolSculpting is a nonsurgical procedure that freezes and destroys fat. Fatty areas are gently pinched between the CoolSculpting applicator, which cools the fat, causing the fat cells to crystallize and disappear.

Good to know: CoolContouring works on specific problems like love handles and arm fat. It’s not a solution for weight loss. No anesthesia is required, and there is little downtime. It takes 30-60 minutes to treat an area, which is about the size of your hand.

Lipo Cavitation

Unlike liposuction, which is a surgical procedure, Lipo Cavitation targets fat cells using ultrasonic waves that break down fat cell membranes. The cells then release triglycerides and other fatty substances, and your body processes the excess fat naturally.

Good to know: The medical spa technician will apply a small amount of gel to the area where you want to remove fat and then use the ultrasound device. Lipo Cavitation is an outpatient procedure and takes about 20 to 30-minutes. It is painless and does not usually have adverse side effects. You may see some results in a week, although people typically have ten or more weekly sessions.


Microdermabrasion is considered an effective skin treatment that can achieve dramatic results. It softens fine lines, smooths the skin and decreases the appearance of scarring, sun damage and pore size. Treatments involve a mildly abrasive instrument, which gently sands your skin, removing dead skin cells.

Good to know: You may experience some discomfort after microdermabrasion, which can include redness and swelling. This should stop within a few hours. However, your skin may be flaky and dry for a few days and be sure to use sunscreen.

Microdermabrasion is available at many spas, such as Aqua Medical+ in Mississauga and Le Spa Infinima in Quebec.


Ultherapy is a non-invasive medical spa procedure using ultrasound energy to lift and tighten the neck, chin and brow. It can also improve lines and wrinkles on the chest. Also, Ultherapy boosts your collagen, and the device’s ultrasound imaging lets your aesthetician direct the treatment to areas where it will be the most beneficial.

Good to know: During your treatment, you may feel tiny amounts of energy on your skin. Experts say a face and neck procedure usually takes 60-90 minutes and a chest treatment approximately 30 minutes. There is typically no downtime, and any redness disappears after a few hours. However, your dermatologist will tell you what to expect.